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"I began painting in 1968 with no formal art training other than high school, gradually advancing and developing from art fairs to juried shows, invitationals, and galleries. The work evolved from rural scenes, figures, and still lifes into a traditional wildlife format. In 1982, after a two year period of soul-searching, the work was loosed from it's former moorings emerging into more imaginative settings and compositions. 

I currently work in two mediums, acrylic paintings and textiles. The textiles use a variety of surface design techniques including dyeing, discharging, painting, printing, and embroidery. 

Gessoed panels and fabrics are the welcome mats for the varied cast of birds and animals found in my work. My mind invites them in from their natural settings of fields, trees, and water. They are gracious visitors who bring joy and dazzle me with their beauty, inspiring work and images that attempt to bridge the gap between what is natural and what is civilized. Their feathers and fur seek to soften the hard edges of our dwelling places and our fact-filled lives."

Karen Halt was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1946. She currently resides in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You Are

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